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Heritage 1

Heritage Restoration

In depth knowledge of the old building techniques, plus endless heritage regulatory standards are all part of a day’s work at Peet Neethling Construction. The finished work is authentic and satisfying.


Renovation and Redesign

Renovating an existing building can often be the most cost effective and sustainable option. Peet and his team and are not ‘new part fitters’ as dubbed in the automobile industry, rather they see what they can salvage during a renovation, while keeping its structural integrity offer advice regarding the pros and cons of renovating versus new construction.


New Construction

One of the company’s favourite factors in designing and building a new facility from scratch is that it allows for more control over environmental sustainability due to its energy consumption. There are more options, less future maintenance, efficient layout plans, and the delight of fitting modern technology from commencement.


Civil Work

Underground concrete tanks and concrete construction are part of the ‘unseen’ constructions of sewage systems and canals. Peet Neethling Construction handles the design, excavation and completion of such projects.