Heritage Restoration

Historic preservation is the act or process of accurately revealing or salvaging the state of a historic building, as it appeared at a specific period in its history, all the while protecting its heritage value. Restoration work may be performed to reverse deterioration, or adjustments made to a building.

Proper historic building preservation aims for a high level of authenticity, where accurate replication of historic materials, as well as techniques, are used as much as possible. Modern techniques are used only in a concealed manner where they will not compromise the historic character of the structure’s appearance. For example, a heritage restoration might encompass the replacement of obsolete heating and cooling systems with newer ones, or the installation of climate controls that never existed at the time of building.

The Art of Heritage Restoration: Peet's Methods


Peet Neethling believes that historic building conservation is more about fostering a deep appreciation for these famous structures and learning more about why they exist, rather than just keeping historic structures standing tall and beautiful. It is through this that he is able to so exquisitely preserve a heritage building.


It is important to preserve a building’s historical core and character while at the same time making it more comfortable and energy-efficient. Often old buildings, when properly restored, can be more energy-efficient that recent constructions. ‘Green’ foundations across the globe encourage sustainable construction where heritage sites are not reset exactly like it was, but altered to be sustainable and energy-efficient.


Demolition doesn’t always make sense. All aspects of a heritage site are considered to be an asset until proven otherwise. The team at Peet Neethling Construction look at ways to make these historical buildings more sustainable, without completely demolishing a building and starting from scratch.


In order for any important heritage renovation to be successful, one needs the correct people for the job. Peet Neethling acts as managing director and is hands-on at his sites with the knowledge and technical know-how that he has taught his dedicated team over the years.