New Construction

Not all renovations are a matter of taking something old and giving it a facelift. Some renovations require a complete transformation both inside and out. For example, turning a retail building into a school may require structural reinforcement, upgrades to sewage systems, or other drastic changes. Therefor some renovation projects can actually be more complicated and costly than a new build.

Include long-term factors into your planning such as system upgrade requirements, structural integrity of the building, potential hazardous materials, and intended use.

Peet Neethling Construction is a company with vast experience in building something up from the ground. Due to the eco-friendly outlook of this company, information regarding the latest sustainable and ‘green’ installment will be readily at hand.

6 Steps To Long-Term Sustainability

  • Use environmentally friendly materials where possible
  • For maximum natural light, make good use of windows and skylights
  • Good-quality insulation, correctly installed, will make your house or commercial property easier and cheaper to heat – install higher-ratings than the minimum requirement
  • Build water efficiency into your home through low-flow showers and toilets, and grey water recycling where possible
  • Good ventilation creates a healthy home/resturant – high moisture levels are linked to health problems like asthma and eczema and is harder (and more expensive) to heat
  • Reuse or recycle building and renovation waste