Who Are We?


Peet Neethling Construction is a company based near Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Boasting over 25 years in the construction industry, Peet Neethling Construction is experienced in commercial and residential building. His services include electrical, plumbing, engineering, and other related services within the construction industry. He offers professional, premium service.

“If you want the job done properly first time, ask for Peet.”

His team have the knowledge and tools available for all your eco-friendly building needs. From solar-panels to environmentally conscious isolation in your roof and walls.

Our Mission

The company is driven by the love for restoring old, heritage buildings – without destroying its historical features.

Defined by eco-conciousness, Peet Neethling Construction is passionate about energy-saving installations. They represent their integrity through the way they do business, and the service level they provide. “Our mission is to provide outstanding service and unbeatable quality of work. We do not leave our clients disappointed.”

The future vision of the company is to go green, completely off the grid, providing homes for all. Selective land development will be utilized so that the culture and character of a town won’t be scarred.

What We Do

Proper historic building preservation aims for a high level of authenticity. The in-depth knowledge of the old building techniques, coupled with endless heritage regulatory standards are all part of a day’s work at Peet Neethling Construction.

Renovating an existing building can often be the most cost effective and sustainable option. Peet and his team and are not ‘new part fitters’ as dubbed in the automobile industry, rather they see what they can salvage during a renovation. Structural integrity is very important and Peet offers advice regarding the pros and cons of renovating versus remodeling versus redesign.

One of the company’s favourite factors in designing and building a new facility from scratch is that it allows for more control over environmental sustainability due to its energy consumption. There are more options, less future maintenance, efficient layout plans, and the delight of fitting modern technology from commencement. In cases where demolition is required before redesign can take place, Peet Neethling Construction has all the necessary teams equipped to carry out each work stage.

Underground concrete tanks and concrete construction are part of the ‘unseen’ building operations such as sewage systems and canals. Peet Neethling Construction handles the design, excavation and completion of such projects.

Recent Projects

Latest project: Red Rock Kicks. This will be a biker / Harley hangout where there will be tasting of the all new Red Rock beers made by Douglass Green (owners of the Franshoek cellars). For more photos click here.

The Team

Peet Neethling’s dedicated teams of workers provide the base for his construction projects. All other construction servicemen are carefully selected, and on standby for project needs.